Frequently Asked Questions

What if my dog is too over-excited to sit still for photos?

Before your photography session, I have a lengthy phone consultation with you to discuss your beloved dog's personality. Most dogs are very over-excited upon arriving for their photography session! My home studio in Ferntree Gully offers a secure backyard so upon arrival I give dogs 10 minutes to have a run around and feel comfortable, and usually have a toilet stop! When I bring them into the studio I again let them sniff around and feel comfortable within the room. Most dogs react very well to treats and will sit still for their photo, however there is definitely team work needed between myself and the owners! Treats combined with basic commands of sit, drop and stay will give a great result. I also have my favourite squeaky toy that achieves some great curious looks on a dog's face!

For outdoor photo shoots, there are two parks in particular I use and if you tell me your dog is easily distracted by other dogs then I will photograph you in areas that are quieter to keep your dog's attention. I admit this sometimes takes a little trial and error for each dog - and I've been known to have other dogs in the park come and pay me a visit when they hear squeaky or dog treats being rattled! It's all part of the fun!

I would like photographs of my family and children with our pet. What if my baby or child doesn't behave on the day?

This is probably the thing parents worry the most about! Honestly, I can't promise that I can make your baby or child behave perfectly but I definitely have many processes in place to guarantee the best results possible. With babies and toddlers, I book a 9:30am session as this works well with feeding and sleeping times.

Toddlers and young children are definitely the biggest challenge! I find the key to photographing them is making them feel comfortable within the studio. I choose to use continuous lights rather than flash and I don't ever rush the session. When they feel comfortable and are having fun, it definitely produces the most natural smiles! Parents who have also talked to their child before the day and offered a reward for behaving well, I find this works a treat!

Finally, because I don't request a minimum spend, if you are simply not happy with your photographs there is no obligation to purchase. We can organise another time for a second photo shoot, not that I have ever had to do this!

How much does it cost to have portraits taken by you?

I only ask for a reservation fee of $100 to book a session, depending on the type of session you are after. I believe that customers can only decide on what purchases they would like to make upon seeing their portraits, so this is decided during your Ordering Session approximately 2 weeks after your photo shoot. I find that most customers tend to spend between $600-1000 on a print/digital collection and those who are also after some Wall Decor may choose to spend more.

I'm worried I'll love too many photos, what if I can't afford them all?

I try my best to make the Ordering Session an easy and enjoyable process. After the photo session, I go through your photographs and scale them back to approximately 25 of the best. I present these to you in your Ordering Session where you decide what purchases you would like to make. Most people decide to scale the photos down to 10 of their favourites, and I'm there to help you with this process and work out what is the best option for you that also fits within your budget. If we come to a decision that is slightly above your budget, I am happy to offer a payment plan to help you.

How do I secure a booking with you?

You can simply pay the reservation fee of $100 to secure your appointment date and time. I can take Visa or MasterCard over the phone or send you Bank Transfer details.