About Kiddy Kats Photography

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Hello, I'm Michelle and I'm the photographer behind Kiddy Kats Photography. I absolutely love my job! Not only because I get to cuddle gorgeous animals and meet many lovely families, but because I'm very passionate about photography and what it means to people. My interest in photography started when I was just in high school (many years ago!) and it became my creative outlet and passion very quickly. When starting Kiddy Kats Photography, I could never have imagined the impact my work would have on people's lives. This is what drives me to keep going every day... I absolutely love being able to capture photographs that people can't themselves. I not only love using my skills and knowledge to capture beautiful photographs for owners of their pets and family, but I also love being able to capture photographs of owners with their pets - something that it is very hard to do themselves! To be able to give people these memories that they will hang on their walls and treasure for a lifetime is just priceless to me. And I genuinely feel privileged to be asked into your lives momentarily to do this for you!

Photographing animals is so much fun - yes it can be hard work because they move so fast! But I love the challenge and being able to show their owners a finished photograph that they never thought possible!


Michelle first started studying photography in high school at just the age of 15. She quickly became very passionate about it and knew at this young age that this was where she wanted to make a career.
She went on to complete a Bachelor of Arts (Media Arts) degree and specialised in Photography and Moving Image. It's here where Michelle learnt of her love for film-making. She went on to work in the film industry for over 10 years as a camera assistant, working alongside some of the best Australian and International Cinematographers. She has worked on Hollywood films and local Australian films, working with top directors (Spike Jonze, Tim Van Patten, Spierig Brothers...) and top actors and actresses (Robert DeNiro, Tom Hanks, Ethan Hawke, Bill Nighy, Hugo Weaving, Pierce Brosnan, Sarah Snook, Rose Byrne...)
The idea of Kiddy Kats brewed a few years ago after Michelle realised she had long missed taking her own photographs. It started with simply taking portraits of her two young nephews. This soon grew into a realisation that she loved taking portraits of children and people, and loved being able to apply her knowledge of lighting and photography that she had gained from the film industry. This soon grew in to a love of photographing animals and people with their pets because Michelle understood that this bond was just as special as family.
Since then Michelle has become an Accredited Photographer with the AIPP. She believes in continuing to grow by taking opportunities to learn and to keep improving her skills.